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"Candle Wisp" is a 3D puzzle adventure in which the protagonist Mayn has to break a ghostly curse afflicting his friends.

Each of Mayn's friends can be found and released from their curse. In order to do so, the player has to enter the ghost world with the help of mysterious candles. Since also Mayn is a ghost there, he soon discovers a new capability: he can possess objects and move them. Even a big heavy shelf is no hindrance anymore. With this advantage, Mayn is sure to break the ghostly curse once and for all.

Explore the different rooms of the boarding school, solve puzzles and play minigames. Break the curse burdening your friends and enjoy a celebratory cake together!


  • Play minigames
  • Explore the world
  • Includes 7 OSTs
  • About 1 hour of gameplay

Created in one semester by seven students

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I actually really enjoyed this game, the puzzles are fun and not too hard as long as you're not an idiot like me. the story is SUPER cute! BUT! I did encounter QUITE a lot of bugs including many instances of the game crashing when transitions occur including to and from a ghost or talking to a character. As well as putting anything from your inventory on the counter where the recipe is results in them falling behind the terrain with no way to retreave them other than to reload. THAT BEING SAID! remembering to save frequently so you don't lose progress allows this fun little game to be a very enjoyable experience. If you want to watch my playthrough on YT I posted the pt 1 of it below!

Thank you for playing our game, calling attention to bugs and especially for recording this playthrough. It has been a pleasure to watch. 


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10/10 good soup


good soup